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Welcome to Luxury Liveaboard Diving!
Adventure H2o is a Marine-Adventure Charter Company offering remote marine tourism including diving, fishing and eco -exploration. Our goal is to provide high quality boats for small groups of up to 12 people to explore secluded sites around Indonesia. Each charter can be customized to suit the travelers request. Our bases are located in Sorong, Manado and Kupang.
Basic cruises are available for 14 nights with 5 star accommodation and cuisine. Areas covered by our charters provide excellent diving, as well as game fishing and exploration. “Adventure Komodo”, a luxurious aluminum catamaran was built to the highest Australian standards for safety, comfort and reliability. It features a new EANx membrane system, aluminum "Zodiac" type dive tenders and 20 knots top speed. We provide 6 double cabins for a maximum of 10 guests, a Cordon Bleu Chef (strong with vegetarian dishes) .....and wine flows freely from the owners Australian vineyard!!

We have an extensive knowledge of Indonesia with " deep experience" in West Papua, the Bullseye of Biodiversity. Our main focus is the area of Raja Ampat and the incredible Bird's Head Seascape, which is being described by world scientists as “.....the highest coral reef biodiversity recorded for an area of this size anywhere in the world”. Other voyages include journeys to North Sulawesi, the Togian Islands and Halmahera. Adventure H2o proudly also offer the old time favorites like the Banda Sea, Komodo, Flores & Alor.

Take a look at our continuous 2007-2008 Dive schedule to our exciting variety of destinations.

For more information about species of marine life in West Papua, Banda Sea and Alor, please take a look at:
>> The Bird's Head
The most biologically diverse in all the ocean
>> Raja Ampat
Variety of gorgeous wall dives full of hard & soft coral, color & life
>> Cindi La Raia
Raja Ampat (Sorong), Banda Sea, Pantor (Alor Region) - Trip Report
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Very informative report on the Banda Sea Crossing



























- Adventure H2o

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